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I am passionate about social media. Having been an early adopter since trying to log into Prodigy and AOL back in 1995 thanks to those free CD’s (before my parents ever signed up for the internet, my 13 year old self had no idea that these things costed money – sorry Mom and Dad!), I was the first of my pals on Facebook, I’ve been blogging since the angsty teenager days of LiveJournal and I still don’t understand people who don’t have a Twitter page. Over the past five years however, I have taken my passion for technology, and social marketing to a new level. I’ve made blogging more than a hobby, I’ve developed a career. Through my experience with non-profits and international retail brands, I have learned to measure statistics, define audiences and develop strategic social marketing plans. These experiences have helped me create long term goals, find my true passion and calling and I am eager to share my passion for social media, community building and marketing with you and your brand to meet your social marketing needs.

Services I offer

After our initial conversation, if we decide we’re a good match, we’ll first go over your goals. After all, the road to success is paved with a path of goals and if there is one thing I have learned through my years of experience, it’s that you can’t be successful if you don’t clearly establish what you’re working towards. So once we determine what you’re looking for and what your goals are in your overall social marketing plan.

Blog support
From building and creating your blog, to developing content strategies and spreading the word, I can provide it all. Having blogged since 2001, I am familiar with various blogging systems from self hosted WordPress to blogger. You name it, I build it with my HTML/CSS knowledge. Though self taught, I am completing a course to learn more advanced skills surrounding HTML/CSS programming. However, we all know a blog is not effective without readers, I am here to not just start up your blog but also assist you with building blogger relationships and building your readership.

Social Media
Need help spreading the word through twitter? Building your Facebook page? Not sure which strategy is best for you? I can help create a plan that reaches YOUR goals. Not only do I build? But I measure. Together we will measure your weekly or monthly website statistics to ensure your online marketing goals are being met through google analytics or whatever measuring tool that works best for you.

Copy writing/Newsletter management
I have managed newsletters and member databases whatever system you use, I can assist with newsletter editing, database management, and copy writing.

Public Relations Management
Press releases, blogger/press relations, I am happy to spread your news/events/message through a strategic public relations plan utilizing traditional PR methods as well as ones that utilize innovative social media based networking.

Interested? Check out my LinkedIn profile or contact me directly for more information.

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