Friday Five: Five things to be happy about

August 1, 2014

This morning I was going to jump in and share what’s new – since my blogging and general “social media-ing” has been a little lackluster lately, but instead I saw this awesome healthy living challenge on Greatist and I’m going to use it as a guide to blog once per day for the next month […]

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Nations Tri Training: Week 4 and 5

July 30, 2014

I’m almost half way through triathlon training. Already. How did that happen? Short recap of the past two weeks of training Biked a lot around Bay Ridge – saw some foxes a couple mornings. Peddled faster. Added about a mile to my ride to around said foxes. Was told they’re generally “not aggressive” unless provoked. […]

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Race Recap: Foam Fest 5k

July 23, 2014

Recently, I completed my first adventure/endurance race and holy….eff…was it hard. I mean, there are hard races (like the one I ran Sunday in Baltimore that was a bit hillier than I was prepared for) but then there are races that just challenge your endurance and make you leave everything out on the course. Those […]

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Weigh In Wednesday: Dealing with Setbacks

July 9, 2014

No one is perfect. Last week, my tracking was uber craptacular. Like there was no point. I enjoyed a couple adult beverages at a work happy hour Thursday, a couple beverages with hubs on the fourth – you smell what I’m stepping in. It just snowballed to a whole lot of bad food and not […]

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Nations Tri Training: Week 2

July 7, 2014

Week 1 of triathlon training…success! Mostly? I think. Coordinating schedules with a husband who has evening classes and around a 15 month old is not nearly as easy as one would think. By the numbers… I did 20 miles on the bike, 5 miles of running, and 500 yards of swimming. Last week…. Monday: Swam 8×50 […]

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Summer Racing Goals

July 3, 2014

I’m excited to get back into racing shape. With triathlon training under way (exception, this morning because little man got Tubes in his ears) I figured throwing a few fun races into the mix this month and maybe next isn’t a bad way to keep myself motivated and training hard for Nations Tri and for […]

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Weigh In Wednesday: Week 2

July 2, 2014

Happy Hump Day – or pseud0-Thursday as it may be – given the short week. I’m pretty pumped for this week – triathlon training began and I’m feeling good about workouts…despite my shotty eating the past couple of days (and over the weekend) when I was home with Ethan after his surgery (he got tubes in his ears […]

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11 Week Triathlon Training Plan

June 30, 2014

So, as I mentioned the other day, I signed up for the Nation’s Tri. They get you in with $20 off coupons. I’m pretty excited. I’m 11 weeks out so I figure I can make a go at it – it’s flatter than my last tri so I’m hoping to do better. I know I’m […]

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Regaining Sanity

June 29, 2014

Sometimes, after two long weeks of playing single parent and managing a sick child, you just need an afternoon off. So yesterday,  I took it and got to hang out with some awesome lady pals. I enjoyed some good beverages. Some good friends and a fun game. And enjoyed some DANG good food. After our […]

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Weigh In Wednesday: Week 2

June 25, 2014

So today I did something.   Yep. That happened. Stay tuned for my training plan. Training starts next week (!!!!) But back to the weigh in…. Last week: 152.8 This week: 152.0 Difference: -0.8 Woo! Progress! I tracked every day last week. I’ve tracked every day this week. I’m all up earning activity points. Just […]

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