March 24, 2013

A bundle of perfection. Ethan John Schmidt. Born March 22, 2013 at 1:30pm. 6 lbs, 15 oz; 20″ long. You can see more pictures here, and I’ll be sharing our full birth experience (which was absolutely amazing) in the next day or so. Either way, Adam and I are absolutely in love with our bundle […]

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One year ago…

March 22, 2013

Not really pregnancy related but as I get my bag together, send out some last minute thank you notes, and finish cleaning up the house with last minute tidying, let’s flash back for uno momento. Wedding day nearly 4 years ago in September Just about 11 months ago… when Hubs graduated from AIT in Texas. […]

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Pregnancy Update: 39 weeks

March 21, 2013

Well, well, well. We made it. This time tomorrow, I’ll be a mama and baby Schmidt will be on the scene so consider this the final pregnancy update! Wowza! Baby is…the size of a mini freakin’ watermelon. He probably weighs well over 7 lbs but all these pregnancy websites have been saying the same damn […]

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Ta-Da! The big nursery reveal!!!

March 21, 2013

Today’s 12 days before baby is the number 2. Not sure if it should technically be #1 but whatever. Two today is brought to you by our two bedroom apartment. Thank sweet jebus for two bedrooms. Since we left our 575 square foot english basement apartment in DC we vowed never to have anything less […]

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My Scheduled Cesarean Birth

March 20, 2013

Yesterday I was talking to my lovely mother-in-law and she mentioned to me that instead of calling it a c-section or a cesarean section to call it a cesarean birth. I really, really like this, because ultimately you’re still giving birth to your child, just through a different means. I was not okay with having a cesarean […]

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When Unplanned Works

March 18, 2013

I changed my mind about my 12 days til Baby countdown – I was originally going to share my 6 favorite books to prep for baby with then I realized that I hadn’t yet shared the story of how we found about baby Schmidt, so there’s not really a day 6 especially since technically today […]

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Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks

March 16, 2013

Holy second to last pregnancy update batman! We’re 38 weeks now (38 weeks and 3 days to be precise not that I’m counting) with 6 days left til our scheduled section (which I’ll write more about later this week – I have 6 posts left for the countdown to the end of pregnancy series and […]

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Annapolis Wee-Sale Recap

March 15, 2013

The other night I got invited to the pre-sale of the Annapolis Wee-Sale. If you haven’t been to a wee-sale or similar large scale consignment event, they can be a bit overwhelming. I brought hubs, we had a small list of things we were looking for, and we attacked the sale with promises of me […]

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Favorite Mommy Blogs

March 14, 2013

As I’ve gotten further along in my pregnancy I’ve found a small community of women who are expecting around the same time that I am. I’ve also found a few mom bloggers who aren’t….annoying, aggressive, judgemental, and fall on the inspiring spectrum because I hold a similar set of values for one reason or another. […]

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Maternity Photo Shoot Reveal

March 13, 2013

So this past weekend, a friend/colleague of mine took our maternity photos. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to take them – Sunday was a beautiful almost-spring day. Denise had taken our amazing Christmas card pictures as a favor and I was stoked to have her take our maternity photos to capture this […]

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